Getting Started

The GT APEX Accelerator will work with you and your business associates on ways to navigate the government procurement process. Our seminars and workshops cover a wide range of government contracting topics and are taught by experts with many years of government contracting experience.

If you are interested in becoming a client, read and follow these three steps:

  1. Attend our Introduction to Government Contracting  This orientation is designed for anyone considering the pursuit of government contracting, including businesses that need an update on current government acquisition standards and requirements. Course contents include:
      • An overview of how the government buys goods and services and what they buy
      • The seven phases of government procurement
      • Government registrations
      • How to find subcontracting opportunities
      • A briefing on GT APEX Accelerator services and how to tap into them
  1. After taking the intro seminar, you will need to fill out GT APEX Accelerator’s New Client Application to register your company as a client. We require that all companies utilizing our services fill out the new client application. Signing up is free and makes your company eligible to receive tools including GT APEX Accelerator’s BidMatch service and one-on-one assistance from our Procurement Counselors.
  2. Once you submit the  New Client Application, you can reach out to our Procurement Counselors for one-on-one counseling in areas such as:
      • Executing the System for Award Management (SAM) federal vendor registration system and other vendor registrations at local and state government levels.
      • Conducting market research, finding opportunities, and establishing relationships.
      • Reading and understanding a government solicitation for a bid or proposal.
      • Preparing, reviewing, and finalizing your bid or proposal.
      • Researching federal specifications, standards, and requirements.
      • Locating technical information, drawings, and pricing.
      • Understanding RFID, UID, and other packaging standards.
      • Submitting an invoice, including electronic ones through the Defense Department’s iRAPT/Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) system.
      • Identifying and participating in internet-based and other electronic procurement opportunities.
      • Preparing responses to sources sought, pre-award surveys, and other government solicitations and inquiries.
      • Handling post-award contract management.
      • … and much, much more.

The GT APEX Accelerator has offices and conducts classes across the state of Georgia, and many of our seminars are offered as live webinars.  To register for live seminars, webinars, and workshops, click on Training. All counselors, locations, and contact information are posted under our Team Directory for easy identification.

For more information, including our Terms and Conditions, click on About Us.